DNA Fusion™  is built using the very latest in software development technology.  DNA Fusion™ is designed for the extended enterprise taking full advantage of the Distributed Network Architecture model.  DNA Fusion™ proves to revolutionize the access control industry by removing many of the limitations to enterprise deployment inherent in the typical access control application.  DNA Allows you to monitor several systems through a common interface including audio and IP video recording.

DNA Fusion is designed with 100% InfoReady architecture.  What this means to you is that your information is always right at your fingertips eliminating the need to run a report or several reports to get the data you need.



  What's new in DNA Fusion?


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Fusion Mobile


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Integrated Video Management

DNA Fusion integrates with most major video management providers for a complete security solution.

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OpenDX™ is an integral part of the DNA Fusion software suite delivering a seamless, automated interface in real time from any ADO Compliant database including Microsoft’s Active Directory into the DNA Fusion access control system.

This powerful tool removes the time-consuming task of manually entering data across all your various business systems ultimately saving your company money and valuable resources.


Authorized Dealers may download the OpenDX Configuration form here.




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WayPoint™ Visitor Management system is the most complete solution available for managing visitors and controlling their access to your facility.
Whether using WayPoint™ stand-alone or closely integrated into the DNA Fusion™ security management system, you will be in total control.  Some manufacturers charge by visit, but with a WayPoint license you get unlimited visitors and visits without ever having to do a thing!

WayPoint™ is the perfect solution for all agencies and organizations ranging from the multi-building enterprise campus to a single lobby entrance.




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Fusion SLi


Fusion SLi™ Fusion SLi is Open Options Fusion SLi is a software application to enroll, manage and control access to Schlage offline
lock series AD-200, CO-200, PED-500 and CT5000. Fusion SLi can be seamlessly integrated with DNA Fusion or installed as an independent module. 


This innovative standalone access control solution provides a simple and efficient way to enroll card holders, create time schedules and use time schedules to auto unlock doors. When integrated with DNA Fusion, system configuration becomes easier than ever by eliminating the need to rekey personnel data..

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